Luxury Dog Perfume - New Zealand Lavender & Chamomile

Size: 50ml


Finally a fragrance as relaxing as snuggling with your fur baby!

The calming and soothing scent of pure New Zealand Lavender, balanced with a warm and enduring base of Chamomile, and a delicate aroma of a freshly picked rose on your pillow  - all bottled together in a natural luxury perfume to relax you and your dog. Shall we all go back to sleep now?

Ingredients of New Zealand:

New Zealand Lavender grown in beautiful and pristine New Zealand fields, lavender has long been used in medicinal tinctures for its calming, purifying and fragrant qualities. 

Chamomile has relaxing properties and is famously used as  sedative in aromatherapy. The scent of chamomile can help calm a hyperactive or anxious dog.


  • 100% Natural - no alcohol, no paraben, no sulphates, no harmful chemicals
  • Moisturising & Nourishing
  • 8-12 hours fragrance
  • 500 sprays per bottle
  • Non-flammable


    All Mipuchi fragrances are blended by hand using 100% plant-based products and oils to ensure your best friend’s safety. Our patented natural formulas provide a protective film containing moisturising ingredients, which also contribute to a shinier coat and assist in making combing easier.

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