Organic Neem Tooth Powder

Size: 150g


Naturally Effective Oralcare

BioGro Certified Organic

About Neem:

Neem has been an important part of the Ayurvedic tradition for more than 6000 years and its healing properties has been passed from generation to generation. Neem contains powerful antifungal properties. It is a proven cure for oral care since ancient time.

Did You Know?

Today most of the toothpaste contains nasty chemicals like sulfate, fragrance, saccharin and many more. It tastes and smells good but not good for health.

Native Neem is constantly committing to their quality and never compromise with such ingredients which is harmful to you and our planet.


  • Organic Neem Leaf Powder
  • Organic Menthol Powder
  • Organic Stevia Powder
  • Baking Soda


  • Prevents and heals gum disease
  • Prevents cavities
  • Eliminate bacteria that causes cavities and inflammation of the gums
  • Reduces Plaque
  • Enhances mouth immunity in general
  • Through all these Native Neem Neem Tooth Powder freshens the breath


Moist toothbrush, sprinkle tooth powder onto it. Brush regularly

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